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We have strived to have this division cater to adult women. BWRSL understands that as adults we need to ensure that we get our own time to play sports and not at a time that conflicts with our children's activities, thus most games will be played at 9pm on Tuesday nights.

This division is not for those that are new to soccer or have not played before.

Rules are consistent with the outdoor Sunday Open age league with the exception of the following:

Players must be 30 to play. If a player who is under the age of 30 who played BWRSL Tuesday division in 2016 outdoor season, is considered grandfathered and does not have to meet the age rule. If space permits after registration, a player aged 29 may be allowed to sign up. Note: full time Goalies do not have to meet the age requirement, for this division they are able to register as long as they meet the age requirement of the open age division

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